Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a week!

Ok so it's been one heckuva week. The good news is Rocky G. is home and well. To let you know how sick he was the medicine they gave him to increase his blood pressure is a "last resort" medicine. It is called Levabid <----- SP the nurses refer to it as leave em dead. Most people do not live if they have to be given that drug. He is so strong and has cheated death so many times it is AMAZING! School is going well. I got a lot of it done online while sitting at the hospital with him. I am caught up in English until March 1st.

Yes I know my layout SUX but I can not figure out how to fix it. It is driving me CRAZY and I am about to quit Blogging!

Anyone who knows how to fix it PLEASE help!


Katey said...

Sorry about Rocky...didn't know! I'm glad he is ok and doing better!!! And yes..we don't get what we deserve. I spent all day Monday in the ER...frustrating! Glad he is ok though...if you ever need anything when he is in let me know because i'm not that far away!

Anonymous said...

Rocky has been an inspiration to me. In the last year I have had some hard times and get a little down. When I start to belly ache or have a pity party I try and think of people I know who have had (for real) hard times. Rocky is one of those people whos strength reminds me that I am just being a big baby. Though we are very distant your family is always at the top of my prayer list. You guys are an incredible family. Keep up the good work your writing is very good.


SWelch said...

Yay for Rocky coming home!!!!

=) =)

Brandi said...

Hi Tara ~

I just heard about Rocky ... wish I had known. I've so close, let me know if you ever need anything when you are down at UAB. Really, really glad to here that he is home and doing better.

Love you guys!!!