Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a week!

Ok so it's been one heckuva week. The good news is Rocky G. is home and well. To let you know how sick he was the medicine they gave him to increase his blood pressure is a "last resort" medicine. It is called Levabid <----- SP the nurses refer to it as leave em dead. Most people do not live if they have to be given that drug. He is so strong and has cheated death so many times it is AMAZING! School is going well. I got a lot of it done online while sitting at the hospital with him. I am caught up in English until March 1st.

Yes I know my layout SUX but I can not figure out how to fix it. It is driving me CRAZY and I am about to quit Blogging!

Anyone who knows how to fix it PLEASE help!

Monday, January 19, 2009

People Don't Get What they Deserve

I just wanted to update you all on Rocky G. Wednesday he woke up and said...... "I feel weird" Thursday at about 2 am I awoke to him screaming "HELP" bloody murder. I ran in the kithen to see what was wrong and that was it. He had a fever of 104 and was loco. When you have a transplant you have to do everything through your coordinator. So he said he would take some meds and wait til she got there in the am. Our alternative was the ER and he WILL NOT do that! So at 8 we called her and she told us to come on. By this time Rocky did not even know ho I was. So I realized I had to get hom o the car and to Birmingham ASAP! So here we go!! I carry him piggy back to the car. We fly to Birmingham- I get there and call ahead to say they need to meet me to transport him upstairs because he is immobile. So here comes this nurse all of about 100 pounds soaking wet and says" Honey get in the wheelchair" I was like "Are you serious?" Just stand there look pretty and hang on to the wheel chair. " I got him in and then it got crazy. They took him upstairs ad his BP was like 38/23. They told me he had "Sepsis" I had no clue what thet was (Thank God) . Later they found pnemonia. The next few days Rocky spent completely out of it. He did not know me or even where he was. The Dr. explained sepsis to me and boy was I surprised. People that have his type of immune system only have a 20% survival rate. I am so glad I did not know this on Thursday because I WOULD HAVE FREAKED because I was by myself. Yes by myself. I really don't get it either why hardly anyone ever comes but I guess it is because it is a whopping hour away in Birmingham. Anyways long story short he is out of the woods now. He is one of the lucky 20% and we are on the upswing. He is still in UAB and will be for a bit more. I hate him constantly having to fight. Like I said people don't get what they deserve.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Blaine

Ok so I wanna tell you all a little about Blaine AKA B. He just finished his first semester of the 6th grade and had to take exams for the first time. We were all so nervous about this. He had to take one in Math (made a 100) Social Studies (made a 100) Science (made a 106) and english and he (made a 95) . I am so lucky to have a child who excels like this. He reads on a 12th grade level and is not even a nerd. Heck I wouldn't care if he was. His lowest grade on his report card that he gets tomorrow is going to be a 99. I just wish that there was some way that I could show him how AWESOME that is! I do not want him to ever take that for granted. He is so smart and I so hope that he far surpasses me in EVERYTHING! He is a precious child who is loved by so many! I so am not bragging about him it is just that I just feel so lucky to have a child like this. I thank God that i am not "Payin for my raisin" at least not yet :)