Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!

I must say that I am thrilled that this is the last day of this junky year! I mean could Rocky have one more surgery he has only had 96783. The beginning of Junior High has just about killed me! I knew 6th grade was gonna be a big change but I mean uggghhh! I can hardly stand about 90% of the kids that used to be Blaine's best friends! Things change so much so quick! Blaine has seen these changes in these kids and pulled away from them and for that I am so happy! It has just been hard for him because they have all been so very close! I am not going to vent about how HORRIBLE 2008 was I am just gonna move on. I am so excited about 2009 and am going to make so MANY changes! I want stronger relationships! That is what I am going to focus on! All my relationships... Family, friends, God everyone! So to 2008 I say GOODBYE and 2009 better be better!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My husband is the best!

See that Christmas wish below..... it is not a wish anymore! Got it! It is the awesomest thing you have ever seen in your whole entire life ever! The only thing that would be awesomer is if it were my wedding ring.

It has been way to long since I have posted and that usually means craziness. And as usual the Gillespie's have a story for EVERYTHING! Honestly I am tired of a story for everything but I think that is how it is gonna stay. Just pray.

I will start with I love Jesus with all my heart and am so thankful for his birth. I am also very thankful that Christmas is OVER! This was the most stressful Christmas ever! I mean ever! Even worse than the one we thought was gonna be Rocky's last!

I am not gonna bash and bash on here I will just say to those of you who know me that Rocky's brother is nothing more than TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! He needs to be locked up and the key THROWN away forever and ever! He single handedly ruined Christmas! Not mine Blaine's, Rocky's and my mom's Christmas but the time that we spent that was with him! Honestly him and Rocky almost tied up! He is crazy! He is the only person ever known to live through telling me to shut up without getting his butt whooped and if we had not been at Maw Maw's then I would have!

That is all the time I am going to spend on him. Ever I mean ever again!

I got my ring and the coolest owl compact ever! Money to get my hair did! Lots of other awesome things. rocky and B both got laptops they are brats!

Thank you Jesus we have another year!

Friends are the greatest family because you can pick them!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



WOW what I would do! Seriouly I would die! Best present ever!
Wishful Thinking!

OK so Nicole B is the best!

She said I would delete it! Nope I am gonna keep it! Honestly I love it! She is my favorite :) She nailed it in just a few paragraphs. So thanks Nicole. I love you more than my Hello Kitty sandwich bags :)

Now let me catch everyone up. For once I am gonna talk about me first :) I just finished my first semester finals and came out with straight A's. Through all the junk I have been through this semester I am so PROUD!

Now for Rocky. He is coming home today. Had his gallbladder removed. Has pancreatitis which basically means he can not eat anything more exciting than a plain baked potato. he has lost a butt ton of weight. But is better. Finally. Thanks all of you for your prayers. We still need them. I have missed a ton of work and it is Christmas and well ya know. I already have my Christmas wish though he is gonna be home :)

And as for Blaine. Well let's just say he is sailing through with flying colors as well. Has straight A's,loves God, plays Basketball, has about 1973 girls after him. (8973) texts just in November. LOL! He is too much. But there is this one special one and man oh man she is a cutie! He is great! I mean great! Everything I always wanted.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Favorite People

Hi Guys! Its Nicole, Tara's BFF in Birmingham, only I don't live in B'ham anymore but thats okay. She asked me to fix her blog b/c she has too much stuff going on... well I did. And now I'm asking YOU to say a prayer for Rocky, Tara and Blaine. I can't even imagine walking a day in their shoes. God has done some wonderful things in their lives BUT the devil is still out to steal, kill and destroy! Its the holidays and while most of lives are crazy theirs is 100x crazier. Please keep them in your prayers and if God leads you to do more than obey.

She's going to delete this post as soon as she sees it. But just incase you read it first... please pray for them.

Rocky is supposed to be released tomorrow and I know he's ready to be home! I'm sure Tara is exhausted from driving back in forth to Birmingham everynight while still working a full time job and being a mom. You'll never hear her complain b/c thats just the kind of person she is. Their lives will never be "normal" but I know that God has something BIG in store for that wonderful family!

enough... now go pray!