Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Favorite People

Hi Guys! Its Nicole, Tara's BFF in Birmingham, only I don't live in B'ham anymore but thats okay. She asked me to fix her blog b/c she has too much stuff going on... well I did. And now I'm asking YOU to say a prayer for Rocky, Tara and Blaine. I can't even imagine walking a day in their shoes. God has done some wonderful things in their lives BUT the devil is still out to steal, kill and destroy! Its the holidays and while most of lives are crazy theirs is 100x crazier. Please keep them in your prayers and if God leads you to do more than obey.

She's going to delete this post as soon as she sees it. But just incase you read it first... please pray for them.

Rocky is supposed to be released tomorrow and I know he's ready to be home! I'm sure Tara is exhausted from driving back in forth to Birmingham everynight while still working a full time job and being a mom. You'll never hear her complain b/c thats just the kind of person she is. Their lives will never be "normal" but I know that God has something BIG in store for that wonderful family!

enough... now go pray!

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Kori said...

Praying as always. Love you guys. Big Hugs!