Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OK so Nicole B is the best!

She said I would delete it! Nope I am gonna keep it! Honestly I love it! She is my favorite :) She nailed it in just a few paragraphs. So thanks Nicole. I love you more than my Hello Kitty sandwich bags :)

Now let me catch everyone up. For once I am gonna talk about me first :) I just finished my first semester finals and came out with straight A's. Through all the junk I have been through this semester I am so PROUD!

Now for Rocky. He is coming home today. Had his gallbladder removed. Has pancreatitis which basically means he can not eat anything more exciting than a plain baked potato. he has lost a butt ton of weight. But is better. Finally. Thanks all of you for your prayers. We still need them. I have missed a ton of work and it is Christmas and well ya know. I already have my Christmas wish though he is gonna be home :)

And as for Blaine. Well let's just say he is sailing through with flying colors as well. Has straight A's,loves God, plays Basketball, has about 1973 girls after him. (8973) texts just in November. LOL! He is too much. But there is this one special one and man oh man she is a cutie! He is great! I mean great! Everything I always wanted.


Nicole said...

More than your Hello Kitty sandwich bags... wow thats alot! BTW... either walmart or target has a Retro Hello Kitty bike. I thought about you when I saw it online :)

Violet said...

I'm so glad he's home and I know that was your BIGGEST wish. my prayers are with you cause I know you lifted us up in our time. Thanks girl, love ya.

AR said...

you are a trooper! god is standing next to you and applauding you for being such an awesome wife and mother. know that you and your family is in our prayers. and know if you need help with anything we are here for you.