Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spoke too soon

Well I guess I was stupid to think that we could make it through my birthday and the Holidays without Rocky going in the hospital! He was admitted this am and honestly they do not have a clue what is up. He is in terrible pain, throwing up, eyes are all jacked up, and just feels like junk. They are going to start with his gallbladder and go from there. Let me guess awww the gallbladder is not a big deal. Well not to be mean but speak for yourself. Nothing is not a big deal for us. Anyways so he is in and that always makes things crazy. But it is not about me it is about him and I just hope they hurry up and figure it out and he gets better :) I just get extremely stressed and upset when all this happens and I know everyone has the world's worst mother in law but mine always LOVES to make my life worse during these times. She took him to the Dr. this morning because I HAVE to work seeing as how he really can't. So she calls me today to let me know what is going on and as if I was not upset wnough she says to me "I just want you to know that Rocky is very worried about you and Dwaune getting back together!" Are you FREAKING serious??? Dwaune could become holier than Billy Graham but that does not change the fact that he choked me etc etc etc etc etc. She just knew what to say to get me more upset than I already am. She is LOVELY. Anyways I am not here to bash her after all I do love her. Just wanted to update ya on another day in my crazy life. Does it get better?